Experienced as an attorney, a mediator and a financial coach, my professional goal is to enable clients to create and leave a personal legacy they value.  I help clients make informed decisions based on their goals, their resources and their legal options.

As an attorney/mediator in the areas of family law and estate planning/probate, I firmly believe that my professional calling is to help people improve their lives. My practice style is based on the principles of Alternative Dispute Resolution, striving for respectful, transparent negotiation.

Our work takes into consideration the best choices now and moving forward.  My job is to provide you with professional guidance and a blue print for dealing with a difficult time in your life.  When we’ve completed our work together, you will have had the opportunity to make the most emotionally, financially, and practically healthy choices available to you, and have those documented in your final paperwork.

When You’re Ready to Begin
I offer an 90-minute initial consultation for $300. If you would like to learn whether working together is a fit for you and your legal needs, please contact me by e-mail or by phone at (206) 523-3047.

I look forward to our work together,
Adrienne Keith Wills