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Traditional Litigation: more difficult, more costly, more stressful, less choice. Under the best of circumstances, traditional litigation divorce seeks to separate the parties and their assets as quickly as possible. However, given the adversarial format of traditional litigation, this can mean that things which might otherwise have been easily agreed upon now become cumbersome legal issues. In litigation, there are legal requirements which must be fulfilled and serious consequences that can arise if those requirements are not met. Unresolved concerns will be decided upon by a judge or court commissioner who, at the end of a long day, is likely to view your case very differently than you do. Is this the best way to handle decisions which may affect the rest of your life? A calm, compassionate, experienced attorney/mediator can guide you through.

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This article went up last month on  The title says it all: “Antagonistic Mediators Can Make Resolving Disputes Easier”.  Huh? Although we tend to think of mediators as “nice”, empathetic people, the article cites research that suggests that a different style could be more effective at times.  For the types of disputes studied, a […]


“Beneficiary designation” is a mouthful.  It’s the kind of phrase that registers mainly as something you’ve heard before but not as a readily discernible “thing”.  What it refers to is a choice you make for who will receive proceeds from an account when you die, and it’s something you’ll want to keep current. Often, if […]


This recent article offers practical, specific information about important financial considerations in divorce.  Don’t let the “late-life divorce” angle deter you.  The factors addressed in the article affect more divorcing couples than just those over the age of 55. Tip 1:  “Right-size” your expectations.  In short, there are more costs with a divorce than before […]